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A Few words about us

WORLDBUS is one of TradeZone LLC (I/N: 406296958) online brand to provide cheap, affordable, valuable and reliable worldwide managed dedicated servers, vps, cloud vps and shared hosting services.

Since its establishment, WORLDBUS has been a world-leading provider of web hosting service. Although our headquarters is in GEORGIA, we provide top-notch service to clients from over 200 countries internationally. We offer Shared, Reseller, VPS, and Dedicated server packages for both beginners and professionals alike.

Each of our managed dedicated servers plans includes fast response support, a 99.9% up-time guarantee, and a 7-day money-back guarantee. All servers are housed in a state-of-the-art data centre. Security features of the centre include climate control, access control and emergency power supply via UPS and diesel generators, and beyond this we offer emergency stand-by 24/7.


  • Our data protection practise conforms to the Federal Data Protection Act (BDSG) as well as the German Teleservices Act (TMG).
  • Personal data of customers will only be collected and used, if they are required for the creation, content arrangement or modification of the contractual relationship. The client is obligated to update these data in its online administrations area.
  • The clients Email address will only be used for information on orders, for invoices and provided that the client does not object for customer care as well as for our newsletter, if the client so wishes.
  • We do not give any personal client information to third parties, with the exception of our service partners as far as they are required to determine the remuneration and settlement with the customer.
  • The client has the right to information and a right to amend, to suspend or to delete his saved information. If deletion conflicts with a legal or contractual duty to save information, or other legal grounds, the information will be made inaccessible.

Published Content

  • It is the customers responsibility to identify the Internet content as their own or as third-party content. The customers full name and address must be present. Further obligations may result from the provisions of the Telecommunications Act and Teleservices Act. The customer is obliged to examine these provisions and to comply with them.
  • The client undertakes not to publish content that may violate the rights of third parties or otherwise violate the law. The placement of erotic, pornographic, extremist material or material not deemed in good taste is not permitted. We are entitled to block access to the account of any customer who violates this.
  • The same applies in the event that the customer publishes content which is capable of violating the rights of individuals or groups of people, or that insults or denigrates these people. This applies even without an actual legal claim. We are not obligated to review our customers content.
  • The sending of spam mail is forbidden. This includes in particular the sending of illegal, unsolicited advertising to third parties. With regards to the sending of Emails, it is forbidden to provide false sender information or to conceal the identity of the sender by other means. We are entitled to block the access if it is not respected.


  • For direct damages, secondary damages or lost profits due to technical problems and disturbances within the Internet that are not in our sphere of influence, we assume no liability.
  • With regards to contractors, we are not liable for minor negligence of contractual obligations. This does not apply to all cases of personal injury and is in accordance with the product liability law.
  • For indirect damages and loss of profits, we are liable only in cases of intentional or gross negligence. In this case we are liable only for the contract-typical predictable damage, a maximum of 100% of the annually fee.
  • If the customers web content is in violation of paragraph 6 of obligations, particularly in violation of legal prohibitions or morality, they shall be liable to us for all of the resulting direct and indirect damages, including property damage.
  • In addition, the customer agrees to free us from all claims by third parties no matter which kind that may result from illegal internet content. The exemption obligation includes liability for all legal defence costs (e.g. court and attorneys fees).

Refund Policy

Customers may be entitled to a refund under the Termination of service, Service credits issued, Goodwill gestures, Adjustments to invoices circumstances.

We have 30 days money back guaranteed (for hosting and vps services) and 7 days money back guaranteed (for root servers). This time will be count from order delivered time and we dont have any refund after mentioned days.
If you want to cancel the service within guaranteed days (and get a refund) you have to send us a verified support request.

There is “NO Money REFUND guarantees” in case of misuse the acceptable use policy and rules of the services!

Bitcoin payments doesn’t included in money back guarantees.

You can always find the latest updated service policy by clicking on “Acceptable Use Policy” page.

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Cookie Policy

As you browse WORLDBUS and other websites, online ad networks we work with may place anonymous cookies on your computer, and use similar technologies, in order to understand your interests based on your (anonymous) online activities, and thus to tailor more relevant ads to you. If you do not wish to receive such tailored advertising, you can visit this page to opt out of most companies that engage in such advertising. (This will not prevent you from seeing ads; the ads simply will not be delivered through these targeting methods.)